The church is a school for Christians.  The following activites help people learn about Christ.

Sunday School: For all children Pre-school through Grade 8.  9:15 to 10:15 AM each Sunday.   The children gather for the opening devotion in the main worship room. Then divide into age-appropriate groups with adults as teachers.

Adult Bible Study:  For adults and older teens.  9:15 AM on Sundays.  In the worship area.

Worship:  8:00 AM and 10:30 AM each Sunday and on many Holidays. Arrive a few minutes early to read the bulletin and pray before worship.

Adult Instruction Class:  This program is for adults who are seeking to get closer to God and who might possibly wish to join the congregation as communicant members.  A communicant member is one who has been trained to properly receive Holy Communion.  Other benefits of communicant membership include: committee service, advanced Christian training in doctrine and service, and voting privileges.

Youth Confirmation Class:  Held on Wednesdays after school for middle-school-age-youth seeking growth in faith and communicant  membership in the church. 

Junior Confirmation Class;  Held on Wednesday evenings for Grade 5 and 6 youth.  

Visitation:  Volunteers bring God's Word to those who are home-bound or in the nursing home.

Visiting Elders:  Elders contact those who are struggling in their faith.

Governing Board:  Current elected board members are: Mark Miller, Allen Melville, and Tom Zamzow.  Pastor Spaude is the adviser.

Cradle Roll:  Visitors contact parents of young children and share Christian parenting materials and offer friendship and support.

Choir:  Directed by Mr. Jeff Dewey, the choir practices on Thursdays at 6:15  PM.  They enhance the worship with joyful singing.