Our beliefs

Our church is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod(the WELS).  We have joined this larger group because we believe that the WELS accurately interprets the Holy Scriptures.  For a complete descripton of our WELS doctrines, please go to our Synod's website "www.wels.net"  However, here is a brief description of some of our main teachings, the teachings of the WELS: 

The Trinity:  The only true God is the One revealed in Scripture, the Triune God.  He is three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; But we do not believe in three gods, but only one God. 

Creation: God made the universe, including our planet, in just six ordinary days.  The universe is roughly 6000 years old, not billions of years. 

All the Bible is true:  The Bible was written by God, using humans as His "secretaries."  There are no errors in the Bible, although some Bible translations may be in error.

Scripture interprets Scripture:  The Bible explains itself.  Those passages that are harder to understand are explained by passages that are easier to understand. 

The Ten Commandments:  We believe in the Ten Commandments, including the commandments that prohibit "gay" relationships and sex outside of marriage.  Such sins are forgiven by God, but they are still sins.  True believers will repent of all their sins, trusting in God's forgiveness, but also striving, with God's help, to change their sinful life. 

Justification:  God has declared all people to be righteous in his sight due to the saving work of his Son, Jesus Christ.  Those who believe this wonderful truth on their dying day will go to heaven. 

The Sacraments:  There are two sacred acts which give the forgiveness of sins.  They also strengthen one's faith in Christ.  They are Baptism and Holy Communion. Strictly speaking, these are acts of God, not human acts.

The Church:  God has ordained the Church to be a school for faith.  The function of the Church is to teach God's Word in its truth and purity.  Every church should have a strong emphasis on educating the youth and reaching out to those who do not yet believe in Christ. 

Church Fellowship:  Ascension and the WELS believes in the unit concept of church fellowship.  In other words, in order for the church to unite with another church or church representative, there needs to be full agreement in doctrine and practice.  We treat all doctrines in the Bible as a unit and think of all the teachings as being equally important because they all declare Christ as the Savior.